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Inbound Marketing

Since 1989, the World Parrot Trust (WPT) has been working hard to save parrots in the wild and educate parrot owners so their feathered companions live long healthy and happy lives.

A non-profit organization, the WPT is funded by the generosity of its members with annual fundraising campaigns and urgent appeals. For years, the WPT has relied on the continued support of their steadfast donors without actively pursuing new supporters.

Thanks to the Google Ad Grants program, registered non-profit organizations like the World Parrot Trust, that share Google’s philosophy of community service to help the world, are eligible for free online Adwords advertising up to a total of $300 US/day. The WPT successfully secured this grant, which was a big first step towards getting the word out about their organization. Unfortunately, without the internal bandwidth to focus on these efforts, their Google Adwords simply pointed visitors directly to the home page without any call to action or conversion strategy in place.

I helped the World Parrot Trust develop an inbound marketing strategy to engage new supporters and build their email list. We began the process by identifying their ideal online personas, like Parrot Owner Patricia, and then developed relevant, educational content such as the Common Household Poisons List, the Parrot Nutrition eBook, and the Happy Healthy Parrot Guide: A Beginner’s Reference, among other resources.

We launched the World Parrot Trust’s first inbound marketing campaign via Adwords and Facebook in early June 2017. Within the first week of the campaign, the WPT had already collected over several hundred email addresses. By the end of the year, the WPT had accumulated 3,500+ new contacts due to my inbound marketing efforts.

The Deets

What’s this? Awareness campaign using Adwords & Facebook.

Audience: Parrot Owners

Client: World Parrot Trust

Fact: The more you know your audience, the better you can predict their behaviour. The better you can predict their behaviour, the easier it is to create the type of content they are looking for online.