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The gripping memoirs of Maddox Taylor.

From human property to human shield.

Sex & Mockery is based on the real life memoirs of Maddox Taylor. The daughter of a 1950’s Hollywood Dominant, Maddox experienced a most unusual childhood. Upon finally escaping Ma’am’s manipulative control, young Maddox fell in love and into a new life as Property of a man in an outlaw Motorcycle Club. But that’s just the beginning…

Sex & Mockery documents Maddox’s early life thriving on society’s fringe. Sometimes dark and always intense, Maddox shares stories from her unconventional upbringing, her years spent as Property, and the decision to leave her love behind in search of a new life.

With Mel’s assistance, Maddox intends to write a series of three books that describe her transition to civilian life, which is no less extraordinary as she embraces new experiences as a modern day Calamity Jane.

With dominance and courage that rivals the toughest of men, yet compelled by a maternal instinct to help and protect, Maddox discovers her niche – excelling in careers such as a fire fighting paramedic, a globetrotting executive protection agent, and like her mother before her, a Woman in Control. Lacking any regard for death, Maddox continues to push the limits for her own amusement, constantly adding new chapters to a story like no other.

Status: In development, because real life takes time.