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The Power is Within

About the Series

The year is 2020. When a glitch occurs within the virtual reality game, SOMA SYNX, seven players come face-to-face with their parallel selves, who co-exist beyond the game in another realm similar to our own. Empowered by their other halves, the Monarch 7 must bring down APEX, the global elite and makers of Soma Synx, before they use the game to initiate their New World Order.

About the VR App

A Soma Synx VR app will allows users to step into the lives of our seven main characters, enhancing the series on a more engaging and interactive level. App users will have the opportunity to explore different environments and challenges, unlocking character insights into back stories, secret motives, and alternate selves.

Co-creators & Co-writers: Melodie Krieger & Lanette Ware Bushfield
Series in development: Thunderball Films
VR app in development: Upcoming Media